Animal testing: Should animal testing be illegal?

  • It's not right to make animals suffer for us,

    Animals have thoughts, feelings, ideas and emotions just like we do. It's not fair to take the freedom and liberty away from the poor animals even though they didn't do anything to us. Imagine it was swapped, animals were caging and testing on us, would you like that? They definitely don't. The poor animals should be left to their own free will, caging them and keeping them as pets is fine because most animals enjoy that, but testing on them and risking their life is awful! I know it's helping us in medical reasons but come on, their innocent. They don't deserve this torture.

  • Animal testing SHOULD be illegal

    Ok, imagine your trapped in a cage knowing that every new day brings torture, it'd be prety horrible right? Well then why is it legal that animals have to suffer like that. Heres an example, tobbacco is tested on animals such as Dogs and Rabbits, they have to suffer six hours straight of inhailing tobbacco smoke to test the effects it has on us, they don't care care for what the animals think. Animals have rights too.

  • Take care of the animals.

    ANIMALS could get extinct. Scientists are worried that animal are get extinct. But actually they are making it to happen. They killing a large amount of innocent and poor animals! We are killing more than enough animals!!! Then later the animals (pigs used for bacon) we eat are going to get disappeared!!!

  • You're all retarded who said no

    Animals are killed because humans are so kind to find stuff for humans and risking animal lives. Humans do not realize using animals is not going to solve anything. Use computer testing that will work. Also, if people kill animals for food then that's an ok reason to kill them, even though I hate it when people hunt them, but animal testing will not work because animals and humans are different from each other. You all think it's gonna work? Go watch animals being tested. Humans will not be saved from animal testing because it fails. You all who love animal testing go watch them get tested. You won't realize it's going to fail until you watch it. Animals have lives and it's a shame of what people do to this planet. I would rather save a rat than a person who pissed me off my entire life. People don't own this planet, god does. So basically you're just killing animals and humans because scientists waste their time doing things. Animal testing should be banned and illegal so people that do stuff like this can go to jail and see what animals are treated like. People need to stop destroying animals habitats for cities. Build cities at deserted places which most cities are. So fuck animal testing and everyone who supports it.

  • Yes, can you imagine?

    Can you imagine being taken, against your will, from your home to this huge place with giants armed with needles? I have researched... Animals' responses to medicenes can be different than humans. Did you know that an animal tested sleeping pill in the 1950s caused thousands of babies that were deformed in some way! All because of the slaughtering and suffering of animals. Some scientists barely gave the animals any anestasia, which relieves pain, because they thought animals were less important! Can you imagine feeling that pain?

  • Testing on animals should be illegal

    Why I think that testing on animals should be illegal is because when u buy a product from the store it is all tested- by poor innocent animals! Animals r a very important thing in our whole community! People risk lives of animals just for a little shampoo or hairspray! That by it self at least kills 10 animals or more! STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!

  • No, animal testing should remain legal.

    Animal testing should remain legal because in most cases it greatly lessens the risk of using products that have not been previously tested. I would agree that uselessly cruel testing should be illegal but, generally, animal testing is done humanely. The ends justify the means in this case because it prevents future human injuries from occuring.

  • A Rabbit or your Mom?

    There are those who would make all animal testing illegal, but this is a misdirected, emotional, and hysterical response. Humans are currently the dominant species on the planet. It is in our best interest to see to our well being and those of future generations. Animal testing is essential when it comes to creating new treatments and medicines for humans. If your mom needed heart-bypass surgery to save her life, you can thank the animals that were tested with this procedure in the lab in order to make it safer and more effective for humans. There are controls in place to minimize as much as possible the suffering of the animals, and that is adequately ethical and responsible. Think about people you know and how medicine and medical procedures have saved their lives, and then ask if you'd rather have a rabbit or your mom on this earth longer.

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