• I Believe Animal Testing Should Be Banned

    When I buy products like conditioner, treatments, body care or food , pills, and they have that small label in back that says "Not tested on animals." I'm happy about it. I understand why they test on animals, but they have feelings too even though they obviously do not talk like humans. They have laws for protecting species in hunting and over lands and water, and other locations, but how about for animals tested and end up surviving and going through hell, or drugs put in them ending there life in an instant. Others are for animal testing even though they do not want it to be that way but say it "saves human lives." How about treating or "saving animals life." Shelters, vets, and hospitals are maybe not able to help them out, and some people in our world do not even care to help out animals, until a problem comes up with and wants to take of it as fast possible and want to be on there way. Animal owners and people who take care of animals on regular basis feel the same with testing. Others are probably not.

  • Animal testing should be banned

    Cancer drugs have the lowest success rate (only 5% are approved after entering clinical trials) followed by .90% of drugs fail in human trials despite promising results in animal tests – whether on safety grounds or because they do not work.Out of 93 dangerous drug side effects, only 19% could have been predicted by animal tests, a recent study found.

  • Say no to animal testing

    Animals should not be tested because it is a cruel act and animals don’t deserve to suffer for human benefits. And people like me ador animals, and my opinion is that all animals should should be protected because many animals are at the edge of extinction like the our beloved relative the Orangatang. To conclude animals should be protected not tested

  • Animals don't need to be tested on

    There is another replacement for animals that make better test subjects than animals because animals and humans have different metabolic, Anatomic, And cellular difference between the two make animals bad testers. Also all the drugs that pass animals are not necessarily safe for humans and example of this is the sleeping pill in the 1950

  • Yeet f re

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  • Animals are better used as food

    Here in China we don't need animals for research. Instead we use political prisoners and poor people no one cares about. Basically any person the communist party says it's okay to test on. Animals are too delicious to make inedible by testing diseases on them. Wait, maybe testing chemicals on them is okay if we can still eat the animal afterward.

  • Because animals all have families like me and you and you and me, so why would you want them to be tested on.

    Animals are all great and why would you test a drug on an animal and see if it is okay for people when animals have different skin blood and different sensitive body parts why would you harm an animal so that a human can be safe like how cruel can you be. Also you spelled band wrong it's (Banned).

  • Animals have lives to

    Animals should not be getting tested on just because its an animal doesn't mean they don't have lives and why should animals have any less value than people. Just because an animal isn't a human doesn't mean you can just test on it. Stop harming animals just because they wont harm people.

  • We need an animal testing band


  • Only if it’s NOT replaced by human testing

    I’m against inhumane treatment of animals, But if we do band animal testing than people will resort to human testing. This has already begun in other countries, And the only people who would actual do it are people who ar financially challenged. So this is, In other word, Taking advantage of the poor.

  • Humans come first

    A great deal of our medical knowledge comes from animal testing, Testing on animals is not anymore inhumane than killing them which we do for food. It's only an emotional response similar to the outrage over the dentist killing a tiger when realistically a tiger would try to kill everyone you know given the chance whereas killing a cow which are usually very docile and friendly doesn't get noticed

  • Testing on animals

    I believe testing on animals shouldn't be banned. The reason I think this is because without animal testing lots of people would be dying right here right now because of various diseases that were cured by animal testing. However, I also believe we should make more use out of our advanced technology, using cells and things like that. But we should also still have a little bit of animal testing just to be safe, because technology can get things wrong.

  • Yes we need it

    Animals are our first priority when we test products, or conditions, you would not want a human's life to be tested, so we turn to our next contestant. Animals. For years humans have consulted animal testing, to test products and conditions, for example mining, when miners mined for ore, there could be a potential for deadly gases, so they used a bird to help determine whether it was safe or not. While this may have killed the bird, it saved a lot of HUMAN lifes, and humans are the #1 priority. While, I am against animal abuse, and I am really not a fan of animal testing, without it we would not have a safer world today. Let that sink in.

  • It shouldn't be banned

    We should never ban Animal testing, We need them for medicines! :( If we ban Animal testing, Then think of the medicines that we are going to miss if there will be new diseases that we or the scientists don't know about. So think please twice and vote with us NO!

  • Animal testing may be a better alternative.

    Before this argument, I want to know does this extend to animal dissection?

    Anyways, If we banned animal testing, How are manufacturers going to test their products? Do we want use humans instead?

    The only reason why animal testing exist is because testing human may result in legal issues such as manslaughter, Whereas testing animals does not.

  • A possible Compromise

    Animal charities can donate animals that would've been "put out of misery". That way, The animal won't care so much if they died. Bred animals could be treated better before testing; everything should be fine. WE NEED ANIMAL TESTING GUYS! Animals can save our lives if we test using them.

  • Get Real People!

    If we are to enjoy safety & efficacy of medication and advance many types of neurological testing techniques to eventually be used to treat HUMAN disorders/conditions, Animal testing is the most accurate way to understand the risks and benefits of medicine. Unless, YOU would like to volunteer to be a test subject, Please provide rational, Acceptable alternatives you would like to see to replace animal testing?

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