• Animals have no rights

    I am surprised this is even an argument anymore so i won't be bringing up regular anti-animal rights points instead I will be focusing on the basics.

    First no matter how much you want your dog to be free and have rights, it doesn't. The dog is only operating off of instinct. It has no ability to determine right from wrong (on it's own), it will literally kill infants for food if the time is right. It has no ability to ration or sustain a society. So they can not have freedom because they would not be able to regulate it and why they wouldn't even notice.

    May I remind people that laws are in place to protect humans from other humans and animals are not humans, so they have no rights. Although if they are used as tools then they should be eliminated if they pose a threat. Although since ecosystems make a healthy planet and in turn protect humans they should have rights. All animals are in todays society are numbers and tools. They are numbers since they cost a certain amount, and they are tools for work. SInce they are just a number they are also property and people can do what they like with their property.

    There is no room for animal rights in today society and it is rediculous to say they need freedom, no humans need a certain amount of freedom animals need none. So to sum it up no you can do what ever you want with your property, torture it or lock it up in cages it doesn't matter.

  • Because they cannot survive outside of cages

    Where exactly are they going to go? You do understand that we humans overpopulated the world and that most natural habitats for caged animals is either gone, or crowded with predators that will eat them right? Animals are contained because its a necessary evil to maintain populations of animals some going extinct and others posing a threat to them. Also I like bacon so please keep the pigs contained so we can keep producing lots of bacon for everyone.

  • Lock them down.

    Animals in the wild are animals competing with us for resources for when we inevitable exploit that former wild. If animals are in cages, they aren't in backyard swimming pools. Idiots attempting to feed the animals can be detected more easily.
    Ideally, make the cage as though the animals were set free, so they don't know the difference, if only so they may be observed in a good approximation of their natural habitat.

  • Animals in Cages; Yes and No

    This is an example of a question I wish to stay neutral, but I have the desire to share my opinion. For my answer, it depends on the animal. If it is a simple animal, like a dog, cat, or even rabbit; then no. Especially if its a pet, but if its a more crazy animal like a lion or tiger; then yes it should be contained in a way. Even though we perceive a cage as a metal cell, a cage can actually be a big area for an animal to roam through.

    My final answer depends on the animal.

  • Freedom isn't always good - In defense of nature reserves, animal sanctuaries and ethical zoos

    Considering the headline, nature reserves don't necessarily put animals in cages, it's just in an enclosed area of land where they are monitored - so this depends on what you mean. In some sense, someone can consider it a cage, though, but it's more like a large enclosure to me then a cage.

    Regardless, we, as human beings should not let animals suffer. Pain, is part of life and cannot necessarily be prevented. Accidents happen and life happens. However, suffering is pain-plus. Suffering is unnecessary pain. Unfortunately, certain species of animals, if left in the wild would die off because of predators, disease and other people. In other words, letting them go free, would potentially cause them to suffer. I would prefer to have more animals in nature reserves where they could be looked after with the care of a veterinarian and researchers than running wild where they are prone to disease, poaching, or generally an untimely death. In order to prevent suffering of animals, they should be assisted in their evolutionary process and they should be taken care of and not disposed of irresponsibly into the wild. Animals in nature reserves and some animal sanctuaries are encouraged to have families. Researchers in China are trying to save pandas by promoting panda mating in captivity. Not all animals are kept in tiny cages - in fact they are safer in an enclosure and are not as safe in the wild whatsoever.

    Freedom (depending of if you're referring to negative or positive freedom) is not always good. Animals do not all have the mental capacity that humans have. Therefore some decisions of safety is actually best decided by us for the sake of their happiness. Animals do behave happily in certain situations. For example, tortoises, if put into too large an enclosure can become stressed and would prefer a smaller enclosure where they can feel safe and call home. Humans are responsible for keeping animals safe and away from harm. To do this, it is necessary to conserve their survival and prevent their suffering. We can do this by promoting nature reserves, animal sanctuaries and ethical zoos. Nature reserves are typically much larger, while animal sanctuaries typically house specific types of animals where they are free to socialize and live happily. Ethical zoos are those that promote conservation. Just because we can visit any of these as a 'tourist' or even as a 'student' trying to learn about them doesn't mean it is bad. It is beneficial for people to be exposed to animals to allow them to witness what they need to protect and care for.

  • Animals must be viewed as a "person", not a "property".

    Animals shouldn't be caged unless it is temporary AND for a good reason. Other than that, it is cruel and unnecessary to do so. Just because we humans are at the top of the food chain and far superior than other animals, it DOESN't justify the reason to cage them. We should abuse our position in the food chain. What if you were caged? How would you feel? Caged animals will feel the same as you.

  • They have their Freedom!!

    Humans are not kept in cages. Well then, why should animals be? We have the freedom to run around town, or just lock ourselves up at home. However, animals are kept in cages, and therefore do not have such a big freedom of choice. Let animals have their say! They may feel threatened, they may not be able to enjoy the happiness of making friends. Instead, they are watched by many, rather than having a family. Animals should be let free, instead of being kept in tiny cages. They would be upset. Just as you would, if all you had was food and people who cared nothing but about their entertainment, and just a cage around you. Let animals have their deserved freedom! :D

  • Only some types

    Just wanted to make my opinion count. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • They need thier own space

    They need to live the fullest life possible. They should be socialized so they are nicer to everybody. Think about if you were in a cage would you like it?! That is what i thought. Animals that are free will be happier living their life, and i hope you agree with me.

  • Freedom is the right of all sentient beings

    Animals do have a sense of self-awareness; I've seen a few Youtube videos about animals and mirrors and animals such as dogs, cats, apes, wildcats, elephants and one bearded dragon react to their reflections. Unless we have a good reason to imprison animals, they should live free in their natural habitat.

  • It really depends on what kind of animals.

    If it was a lion...Then definitely yes but like birds and small creatures that wouldn't harm anyone should be set free. I wouldn't want to be caged because I want to roam around..... Free and not controlled. Unless the animal gets a incredibly good environment to live in or if it like that places then I would allow it to be caged. If it is constantly trying to get out then I would.

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