Animals in sports and entertainment: Should human beings be allowed to use other animals as objects of sport and entertainment?

  • No harm has to come to the animals

    As long as we do not harm the animals when being used for sport or entertainment it should be fine. Dog fighting, cock fighting and bull fighting aren't okay but horse and dog racing are fine, as well as dog shows or posting photos or videos of our pet. Fighting animals isn't right, but most other forms of animal entertainment and sport are.

  • Cruelty doesn't have to happen.

    Animals can be used in movies and races without them being harmed. If we take good care of the animals, and don't neglect them. Animals will be living a live better than some humans do! And yes, animals ENJOY it! Horses love to be ridden, dogs love to be played with and every animals dream is to be in a Movie.

  • Yes, they can be kept safe.

    Yes, animals should be used in sports and entertainment, because they can be kept safe. If safeguards are put in place, the animals can be safe, and can even be taken care of better than they would be if they were not involved in sports or entertainment. There should be a government body to oversee the animals and make sure they are safe.

  • Fun is fun

    I believe that humans are the dominate species on this planet. I believe that we should be able to use any other species to our entertainment as long as it is not harmful to the animal. For example I believe dog races and horse racing is ok but dog and cock fights are not.

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