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    No, Compared to animals we have it way easier than them. Think about it we don't have to worry about danger, We have a lot of food we can actually eat, And animals don't have those things. They have to live their life living in fear of getting killed by humans or by other animals that is thinking the same thing.

  • Animals do not have the same problems

    Often times human beings are oppressed in this cruel society ruled by class difference and social norms everybody is expected to follow. Furthermore, We are bounded by stress, Financial burden, Bills and other problems that animals just do not face out there in the wild. Animals have the right to do whatever they want without anything natural opposing them. Heck they could be gay and they still live happily

  • Humans have three in one consecutive traits

    Humans are from the Body, The spirit, And the soul. But the animals only have the body and spirit. This soul trait gives us an after life, So when we leave are body we live eternally. But animals are like us without a backup data/soul to back them up after they die.

  • Life is life.

    Life is the same in all living organisms. I would suggest that it would be better to question the quality of existence rather than the quality of life.

    I need to write 22 more words, But I think I've said all that is necessary.
    Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb and rhubarb.

  • Animals have it worst

    Look around, You see, Nature, More human beings, Probably one squirrel. So you wonder, WHERE DID THEY ALL GO? Well, The answer is right here, If YOU think not, Read this. Lets say your an ANIMAL, You go and roam around, Then suddenly, Your captured, Taken to a zoo, Or African Safari, You can't tell, And your trapped behind the glass wall or whatever. You want to be that? Well, This is even worse, We kill them, Hunt them, Eat them, And destroy their habitats.

    Lets say its a bright sunny day, Then suddenly your house is chopped off. Why? You don't know, Whatever reason, You fled away, Hoping to find another house. You see that your house is gone. Your too scared to have revenge, And you don't know who did it. Nobody can help you. Those are the animals.

    Turtles, Children like turtles, But the turtles' eggs are in the sand, What is the light make the turtle go the opposite direction. It leads them to the city, Not the beach, While crabs are also there. The moon light is strong, But our artificial light is brighter, Only 20 % make it to the ocean. Who's problem is that? Our problem. Watch Planet Earth CD, In the city with the turtles, And you know exactly what I mean, You think their life is better, Well our life is better, So lets make good use of it

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