• Its more exciting

    I like to see horses dancing and its exciting with tigers cos its so dangerous. People say its cruel but we whip horses to race them and make the work so whats the difference? Te most awesome thing I saw at a circus was a tiger trying to have a go at its trainer but they guy kept his cool and just whipped te tiger into submission. Cool!

  • Why animals should not be in the circus

    I dont think animals should be in the circus because thats really cruel to them and not fair they are gettting whipped and other terrible things if you were a animal you would not like being treated terrible I think the animals deserve to be free my friend is doing a persvasive essay on this and I thought to myself oh wow this is bad and we should help

  • Animal abuse is circus

    Put yourself in animal shoes they slave away for your entertainment, animals should be treated with care. We don't need to watch animals get tortured, for little food. Circus should be abolished. Forever. ITs been going on for centuries. And unless they have natural talents, they shouldn't preform in the circus.

  • It's torture for human entertainment

    The conditions circus animals live in are outrageous and should not be that way. The animals used are wild. They are not for humans to lock up and use them for tricks and entertainment. There are many other ways to entertain ourselves, like playing a game of frisbee or a game of tag. We do not need to put animals in conditions that are bad enough to cause disease and infection. It's the three C's; Cruel, confinement and crazy. Why would someone do this to innocent creatures who only want to live a normal life? I hope I've convinced you that Animal circuses are horrible.

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