• I prefer anime!

    I prefer girls over boys, I prefer robots over humans, I prefer robots from anime over aliens from cartoons, I prefer reptiles over mammals, I prefer anime over western animation, The most reasons that i prefer anime over western cartoons is i prefer girls over boys, And i prefer robots over humans!

  • Anime has more depth

    The person that says cartoons have better CV is probably kidding me, he has not know that Japan has more than 130 CV schools. Comparing to Americain cartoons, ha. Also, anime has a huge variety of genres. There are way more types of animations styles, storylines, art styles, and ect comparing to cartoons.

  • Anime is cool

    Anime is so much better than cartoons because they express emotion and real life lessons where cartoons are just a bunch of stupid jokes and do impossible things i i i i i ii i i i i i i like anime and you should to so vote for anime

  • Cartoons are a some of the best times in a child's life.

    Ever heard of Saturday morning cartoons? Everyone has. Have you ever heard of Saturday morning anime? No. . . Kids watch cartoons to make them laugh. Then they go tell they're friends. Cartoons give kids joy. When you watch anime if you have older siblings they will abuse you for it. Other kids will make fun of you. Over all cartoons will make a child's life better.

  • American Cartoons are Better

    It's much more enjoyable than anime, because the Japanese people use the same Animation over and over and over again. While American Cartoons have really Cool animations plus they have INCREDIBLE Voice Actors which really is Spectacular. I don't hate Anime, American cartoons have More Seasons and Some American Cartoons have Great Story lines and some have Simple Stories too not just anime, DBZ, GT and Super are the Only Best Anime

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