• Anime is lifeu

    Anime is like an anti-depression for you. It's like the only thing you could run into whenever you feel down or some shit. Anime is life. Anime is everything....Totally for keeps. Would recommend to watch a lot. Either comedy ones, shounen ones...There's a lot of good stuff so you won't regret it. Lololol (im bored and decided to leave a comment here)

  • Anime is life

    I have lived with anime my entire life, and i don't like people saying its gay! Its not! The JApanese, the people that make and produce anime, their not gay! Like what the hell people, you try making such beutiful art. Give companies like funimation some credit. You people are sad

  • I think it's awesome!

    Why I think anime is awesome, is because it gives you the feeling of suspense when they leave you with a cliffhanger. Anime gives you the feelings of sadness, hope, silliness and sometimes anger. Anime is so cool, each anime is so uniquely different in audience and style of format.

  • Anime is Original

    Anime is always considered "weird" by many people who personify the Japanese. It is true that Japan's culture is said to be "different", but does that mean the content they produce is bad? Actually, no the content is not bad; it is great.

    Anime is defined as: "A style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children". The content produced in the style Anime has more creative and original ideas, compared to most cartoons nowadays. Japan can be weird at times, but that is what makes it original; and is not always the same style. Anime can have very powerful story arch's, that both adults can children can enjoy together.

    Famous Anime movies, licensed by Disney, include: Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Ponyo. Are they weird? They are and are not, but the story made from the company delivers a more unique experience to the viewer. Even though Anime can be said as "weird", it develops more original ideas, and produces a more "unique" experience from characters to the environment.

  • I like anime

    Not all anime has the same plot lines. The anime geared towards boys on cartoon network does, but the same can be said of any cartoons on children's TV channels.

    There are plenty of good anime out there that isn't stereotypical: Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Azumanga Daioh, etc... I've personally outgrown all but Miyizaki's stuff, but it was a big part of my childhood. It would be a shame to write something off completely simply because you outgrew it.

  • There's better out there

    I've seen some anime at friends' houses and it's certainly not bad, there is much better stuff out there though. When I was a kid I always preferred adults shows over kids shows. Of course I did watch Spongebob and stuff like that, but I also watched Criminal Minds an LOST when I was 8 or 9 and I loved it. Since then I've seen lots of TV shows and compared to some of the shows I've seen like Breaking Bad, Dexter, LOST, Heroes, Prison Break, and other shows, anime just isn't that good. I can see why some people could like it, but I've just seen a lot more better and intriguing story lines from other shows than anime can offer.

  • How do you reply yes or no to a noun

    No! Anime is retarded. It's some punk little kid who has issues, so they give them super powers to fight adults and the system and save the world but still in the pre-pubesent nature cannot figure out how to deal with a hot chic.

    Anime clihches are so bad, if you wee given a script of an anime I could point to any paragraph and you can repeat that for like 90 different amines.

    Lets go over your boring plot line of an anime:

    Little punk kid gets angry with the world, things are looking bad, he can't get girls, bigger kids make fun of him, the kid is miserable.
    Now he stumbles across a super awesome power! Now he is cool and everyone starts to respect him, he wins a few battles to learn his abilities, but then the super bad guy comes and kicks his ass. Oh no back to training for him! Now he focuses his powers becomes stronger and eventually fights the super bad guy again!

    Oh the suspense!!! Now he is ALMOST killed by the big bad guy but the kid remembers he is the only hope for the world, now he calls upon his inner strength and comes back and wins the fight YAY!!!

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