Ann Curry Officially Leaves NBC: Should NBC have pushed Curry out of the Today Show?

  • Yes, NBC was right to push Ann Curry out of the Today Show.

    I believe that NBC made the right decision in pushing Ann Curry out of her role as co-anchor on the Today Show. Reports indicate that she was unhappy in that role and NBCUniversal is providing her with capital that will help her develop a project to better suit her needs and professional goals.

  • Ratings Are King Not Ability

    Ann Curry seems like a decent person and has some flair and ability as a reporter. While the drop of Today's rating while she was on air can't be solely blamed on her, a television show like that needs to have improved ratings not weakened ratings, and that's why she was replaced. The manner in which NBC did it was tacky, but it doesn't remove the argument that the show was not as successful with her in the lead chair.

  • No, NBC should not have pushed Curry out of the Today Show.

    Back in 2012 when NBC fired Ann Curry, it was a PR relations debacle from the start. Dismissing Curry at all was at best a questionable move given her popularity, and was made even worse by the poor manner in which it was handled. Releasing Curry now simply recalls that earlier incident, and makes the network look bad all over again.

  • No, they shouldn't of pushed her out.

    No, I do not think that NBC should have pushed Curry out of the Today show. I really enjoyed her for some reason and to think that she won't be there anymore is a little bit upsetting for me. I hope they replace her with at least someone who can do the job just as good.

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