Anna Kendrick, funny and beautiful: Is being funny better than being pretty?

  • Inner beauty is the best beauty

    You don't have to be pretty to have a great personality. Being funny, in my opinion, is better than being pretty. Even though pretty people are more popular or famous, I feel that inner beauty is the best beauty, and being funny is so much more than having a pretty whatever. If your funny people don't care about who you are on the outside they just care about your personality and who you really are on the inside.

  • Just By A Bit.

    This was a hard choice to make. I think they are both really close. But if you think about it, being funny falls into the personality section of a person, and being pretty falls into the looks section of a person. Now if you weigh those two against each other, which one is better? Personality or looks? When you're looking for a friend or a boy/girlfriend, you want someone who can make you happy and smile. You want charm and humor. And if they're good looking too, well, sweet! That's a bonus! But personality over looks any day.

  • Yes, yes, yes!

    I personally regard someone with a good sense of humor (not necessarily sexual or slapstick humor) and wit as someone with a great deal of intelligence and often charisma. Though being attractive does not hurt, I would much rather be revered as an intellectual than as someone with a good body or a pretty face (especially as a woman who hopes to have a successful career). I also feel like the more emphasis society put on looks (esp. Using photo-shop, etc.), the more we contribute to issues such as eating disorders, depression, female objectification, sexism , and racism.

  • People's idea of beauty changes.

    People can't agree on what is or is not beautiful. It's all personal taste. But a funny person can go beyond outward appearances. They can make anyone feel at home, and are broadly accepted in many circles. I know I enjoy hanging around funny people a whole lot. I personally, value personality above appearance. As others have said, appearance changes, but personality is a gem you will have forever.

  • Beauty fades, a sense of humor doesn't.

    Standards of beauty are changing. People are aging, but one thing that stays constant is the fact that a great personality will increase your attractiveness to people. So in a sense being funny is longer lasting than being pretty, and we all want things to last longer. I'd rather be funny than pretty any day.

  • Beauty is revered.

    No, unfortunately, being funny is not better than being beautiful, because things just go better in life for people who are beautiful. They have more jobs available to them, such as marketing or public relations. People treat them nicer. They have a better chance of finding a wealthy spouse. Life is just easier when you are pretty.

  • No, both are equally relevant

    All of a person's characteristics must be taken into consideration when deciding whether they are amicable. "Funniness" does not exclude the necessity of physical attractiveness and vice versa. A person's character is just as important in evaluating them as their appearance, at least when considering them as a potential partner.

  • Your looks can always Fade

    I think that being funny is way better than being pretty. Your looks can always fade and you are just left with a shell that has no life. I would rather be funny and different and have some depth to myself. I enjoy being around people that are funny and silly. Beautiful people on a regular basis are stuck up.

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