Annex Mexico rather than build a wall between Mexico and US

  • No annexation. We will create more problems.

    Case in point Puerto Rico. Rather than to leave Puerto Rico alone we have ownership of them. They do not have the rights of a state but they still fall under the USA. And we have failed them.
    We refuse to let other ships enter other than American approved ships that charge them more. We slowed down their development and we can't even help the in their time of need. People needed water and electricity and relief and what did America do?
    Blamed them called them lazy, When America should have improved Puerto Rico. There is still corruption in Puerto Rico and America could care less as longs as the corrupt puppet leaders do their bidding.
    And they did illegal human experimentation. There If you do a simple google search you can find out about a sick American Army Doctor that did horrible things to the Puerto Ricans.

    Mexico would be worse under America rule. Now instead of worrying about being kidnapped or shot they will worry about Americans taking advantage. I mean the Cartels and the Texans steal petroleum, Now they will be able to steal even more.
    I know for a fact that some Americans want to take advantage like the Rommy Family or the Devos family or the Bundy family.

    Did you that the Mormon colony stole all the water from mexican farmers? And that they were friends with the sex cult off NXIVM.
    Poor Mexico they are so far from God and live near America.

  • Annex Mexico rather than Build a Wall

    My opinion is to #Annex Mexico to support Mexican citizens with the resources many come to the United States to acquire. This isn't the same as just making Mexico a US State, But would greatly reduce crime along the border rather than spend 25 billion, We could be spending 80 million. Mexican officials are corrupt and have refused to honor farmer treaties and don't crack down on human traffickers. In order to stop these human rights violations, The US can step in make an agreement with Mexican Government, And create a contract for the partnership.

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