Anonymous announces Humanity based political movement: Does the American government system need another political party?

  • The United States needs other political parties

    The United States needs other major political parties. The current two parties bicker and cannot find any common ground. A third party would allow for additional ideas and potential comprise since it is not a one on one battle. The political system is currently dysfunctional with both parties unwilling to talk to each. Adding a third element can only help.

  • We need a new political party asap

    Now I'm the kind of person who looks through the eyes of a logical person. I don't care if you're democrat or republican, if you're a genuinely good person then you are who I'm voting for. I am not the kind to jump on the bandwagon and just follow my parents ideology. I am fiscally conservative, I'm against abortion but I believe in helping those less fortunate so I don't complain when I have to pay taxes. Funny how the wealthiest of us whine the most. Anyway, I am a democrat who does not fit the mold. It may be time for those like minded people like me to come together and form a new political party.

  • More parties equals more choices.

    I think that the American government does need more than two political parties. The two-party system has been a disaster recently--especially when you consider the only choices we have in this upcoming election. The people want and deserve more choices, and giving power to more than just two parties will give them that.

  • No, I do not think that the American government system needs another political party.

    No, I do not think that the American government system needs another political party because the two-party system has worked great for America so far. I believe that the two parties are very different from one another and that Americans don't need another party with new or similar political views.

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