Anorexics, force-feeding of: Is the palliative care of anorexics an insufficient alternative?

  • Force feeding is best

    Many anorexic people should be force fed because they do not understand the severity of being anorexic. When people are sick they do not think straight so they should be helped if it means force feeding them. I think that they don't pay enough attention to the people who feel a certain way about their weight because it is still people suffering from this disorder.

  • No, I think palliative care is all that can be done.

    One could try force feeding for a short amount of time in order to bring an anorexic up in weight. However, this is an illness and an addiction and within hours the person would be back to usual behavior unless there is an unexpected recovery. One can not force feed a person for a whole lifetime and expect any quality of life.

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