Anorexics, force-feeding of: Should the medical profession force-feed anorexics as part of their treatment?

  • Feed Them Medicine Too

    As a lifesaving procedure, doctors and nurses should force feed anorexics. While they are at it, give them a dose of anti-psychotic drugs and some therapy as well. Sometimes, extreme measures are needed to save people's lives. Especially if someone could possibly die of starvation, doctors should be able to force feed anorexics.

  • Anorexia Is A Medical Condition

    Anorexia is a medical and mental health condition that requires both mental and physical treatments. Since people with anorexia are against eating, it is necessary for them to be force fed in one manner or another. Mentally their brains have taught them that food is bad and it makes them ugly, once incorrect thought process can be abolished then a patient should learn to eat on their own.

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kathproud says2014-03-24T21:16:24.463
I am currently debating this topic at university, would you be able to complete this questionnaire for it please?