• Yes they are getting out of control

    I think there have been many airbag recalls in the recent past and more than 8 million cars have been recalls for airbag related issues. There should be more stringent manufacturing and quality processes in place to bring down such recalls.

    Recently there were recalls made by Renault India for its Scala sedan and Pulse hatchback. Check this link to know more -

  • Yes, auto recalls are getting out of control.

    I agree that auto recalls are getting out of control. It seems to be mass recalls every month or so. I know of people who were notified of recalls on vehicles that are more than ten years old. Auto workers seem to be getting sloppier with their work. It count have something to do with the wages they are paid. It also makes me question the double checks and inspections done by these companies before they put these cars on the market. These companies need to start to value quality over quantity.

  • Yes, Auto recalls are getting out of control

    Yes, I think that auto recalls are getting out of control because one of the number one causes of death in this world is car accidents and vehicles are being recalled for a reason so that is making them already even more unsafe then they already are. Cars should be perfect.

  • Yes they are getting out of control!

    This year alone, I have seen about 4 recalls being done by four different companies claiming to have defective products... How were these companies even allowed to sell things before or after if they all did such HUGE mistakes ( they took the life's out of some people!). I think it's ridiculous and there should be higer standards!

  • We have to be safe.

    American car manufacturers often do not do quality work. I would rather have a car recalled than die on a random Wednesday because of faulty construction. There was a woman convicted of moving violation causing death and many years later the part that malfunctioned on the car was recalled. That woman now knows that the crash was not her fault.

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