Another mass shooting on a school campus in Oregon is mental health the culprit?

  • Of course it is

    These mass killings a suicides are often done but depressed children who see no worth in the world and feel trapped and victimized. We take away a child's voice, and their rights. Its horrible and unfair the way we treat them. The way we dismiss bullying. These kids spent too long crying out for help and they finally realized no one had the decency to come for them. Of course it's a mental disorder, which is why I believe we need to put more effort into studying child psychology and keeping bullying and depression at bay.

  • Yes and no

    I believe in certain circumstances there is a mental health factor HOWEVER I believe that our culture and society has been lead by social, media, and complacency factors that has our nation as a whole feel entitled - there are children who go through war, famine, human/sex trade trafficking and recover their lives and move forward. Yet in the US there is an overwhelming attitude of "poor me" - people are in therapy for years and use life situations as a cope out for responsibility. Due to "the easy life" we as a whole forgot what it is to fight or struggle for something, to overcome, to triumph...Again there are some with honest and legitimate health issues but many are victims of the physco/big pharma system and are more victims of chemical interventions for profit

  • Yes, I believe it is.

    As much as I believe that guns should be harder to gain access to, I also believe that mental health plays a huge role in a number of these shootings. The chaos in which many of these mass shootings happen and the rants that these people make before they do it proves that their mental status is not a normal one. I think we need to continue to talk about the mental health crisis going on in this country.

  • Yes, Mental health is an issue with regard to school campus shooting in Oregon

    Yes, the mental health of the shooter in the Oregon campus school shooting is a culprit. The mentally ill in America often go without appropriate diagnosis, treatment and/or medication. Mental illness that is undiagnosed is particularly dangerous. Many people in the past who have done shootings at schools have been mentally ill, and the Oregon incident is the latest illustration of mental illness that has not been appropriately treated.

  • No, mental health is a safe diversion.

    No, mental health is not the culprit in this shooting or any other shooting. It is my belief that using mental health as a reason for such senseless acts is a safe way to perhaps justify such horrible events. It seems to offer an answer as to why and how someone could do such a thing. Based on research, the shooter exhibited signs of their impending actions. Notes have been left, posts made to social media, videos recorded even while the shooter was active. In my opinion, this suggests a person whom has the ability to plan, organize, and follow through. Many mentally healthy people can't plan, organize, and follow through.

  • Schools need Metal Detectors In Schools Again.

    In this world today, there are to many shootings going on as we speak, to many children are dying in school than on the streets the more that we try to keep them off the street and keep them safe and tell them to go to school it seems we are sending them into a battle field of war. So in this time, schools need to put metal detectors back in schools that way it can cut down on how many guns are being brought into our schools, we have to start some where, and if it's going to raise taxes, then so be it, I would rather pay taxes knowing it's going to my children safety, than pay unknown taxes.

  • No criminal logic should not be encouraged

    Mental health is just a reason for the culprit to escape from the punishment.Peoples nature in dis world is different.Some take problems of life to heart and they show their frustration on others.What is the mistake of this innocent school kids?These kind of people possess criminal mentalities.These persons should be arrested and the punishment should be imposed along with the treatment if required

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