Anthony Davis had a great game for the Pelicans. Will this continue for the whole season?

  • Yes, I do Believe that Anthony Davis Will Continue to Play Well.

    Yes, I do believe that the Pelicans forward, Anthony Davis will continue to play great for them. He is known as one of the greatest young players in the NBA and as he continues to learn more he should get even better. The knowledge of a veteran and his skills will be a great combination to have.

  • Yes, He's a Shining Star

    Anthony Davis is one of the few players to break Michael Jordan's 50 point game record. He is an up and coming shining star for the NBA. Last year everyone had their eye on Stephen Curry, this year it is Anthony's turn. The Pelicans are going to be put on the map thanks to this guy.

  • Yes, it will likely continue.

    Yes, now that Anthony Davis had a great game for the Pelicans, it will very likely continue for the entire season. When somebody enjoys a great win, it boosts their confidence and helps them play better. This is contagious, meaning that all the players will play better. This can only help the team for the rest of the season.

  • He is a consistently good player.

    When he is permitted to play in a number of games in a season, Davis has always shown that he is a highly gifted player. It is likely that he will be able to keep up this pace during the season and that the poorer quality of his teammates will only make his talent more apparent.

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