Anti-Americanism: Is this something we really need to be concerned about?

  • I truly think that Anti Americanism is something we really need to be concerned about in the modern global economy.

    I truly do think that Anti-Americanism is something we really
    need to be concerned about in the modern global economy. Anti-Americanism is a precursor to
    the development of terrorism. This is how it starts. We need to use diplomacy in order to gain
    more friends around the world. We can’t fight

  • We absolutely need to be concerned

    Anti-Americanism is something we definitely need to be aware of and concerned about. Whether it's openly hostile developed nations or small sects, it's an issue we need to focus on. For example, after 9/11 there were many articles covering small Taliban groups which were training fighters and collecting guns. The groups were loosely organized, but all had in common a strong hatred for western nations and the US in particular. Any threats are more likely to come from similar groups.

  • It led to 9/11.

    Yes, Anti-Americanism is something that we really need to be concerned about, because it can lead some people to do drastic things. Ideas themselves can be dangerous if they lead for people to take action. It is unfortunate that people think that innocent people are to blame for their suffering. Anti-Americanism leads to terrorist attacks and other problems.

  • Why Worry About Something We Won't Change

    Anti-Americanism is rife in the Middle East. They don't like us meddling in their affairs and we've been doing it for years. They don't like our idea of religion and they don't understand how someone can be religious, simply by going to church one morning a week. Americans shouldn't worry about Anti-American attitudes in the Middle East because there's no point in wasting the time. The people of America would never try to do anything to actually change the valid views of people in the Middle East.

  • We should not be worried about Anti-Americanism.

    We should not be worried about Anti-Americanism. This is nothing new and has been happening for generations and decades. Other countries will always be willing to blame the United States for something that they would not blame themselves for. The rallies and demonstrations on the soil of other lands will continue.

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