Anti-depressants: Can anti depressants do more harm than good?

  • At times they can, Medication Should be a last resort

    Psychology and neurology are complex and one size does not fit all. Anti-depressants can make a huge difference for some people. But not everyone. Like any pill it can have side effects.

    While antidepressants help some people there is too much emphasis on medication in psychiatry in these days. This is because of a half-understanding of the effects of brain chemistry on symptoms of depression and other conditions. While brain chemistry is certainly involved in any and all aspects of a person's mind that doesn't mean that the only way to treat it is is to directly administer synthesized chemicals. Everything we encounter in our day to day existence impacts our brain chemistry in some way or another, since our brains take in the stimuli and react to it. Talk therapy has for instance been shown to cause neurochemical changes. Doesn't mean it will work for everyone, but medication should be the last resort, not the first. If talk therapy especially cognitive-behavioral therapy can create the changes needed then there is less risk of harmful side effects. One study (I'll link to it if I can find it) also showed that there is less risk of a relapse if someone stops doing talk therapy compared to when someone is treated with antidepressants and stops taking their pills. Again I'm not suggesting that medication isn't sometimes necessary, but too often it is resorted to first when due to the potential side effects it should be a last resort.

  • They can, in certain instances

    Anti-depressants can do more harm than good in a certain segment of the population, but that in no way means that they are inherently more harmful than beneficial to society. Brain chemistry is very complex, and far more goes into a person's happiness than certain levels of certain chemicals at one time. Ultimately, while anti-depressants can do good for many people, some people could end up with adverse reactions.

  • Side effects may include sadness.

    As a person who suffers from anxiety disorder I can say that yes sometimes anti depressants can do more harm than good. If you watch a commercial for any anti depressant the side effects always the possibility of suicidal thoughts, which is just ridiculous. Then there is the fact that in recent years a booster for these antidepressants have been made, which I think is a clear example of our problem. These pills may or may not help you and they may or may not be efficient.

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