• Cruz went too far

    Cruz went too far with the carpet-bombing idea. This type of military action is extremely destructive and usually results in an unpredictable amount of civilian casualties. Therefore, it should only be used in the most extreme situations because political diplomacy is imperative to this war on terrorism. The Anti-IS commanders knows this, and therefore rejects the idea of carpet-bombing.

  • They all have

    This idea of carpet bombing ISIS is ridiculous. Yes, we used it to some effect in the first Iraq war, but that's because we were bombing country. ISIS is not a country, it is an organization that hides itself in many countries and among many innocent people. Carpet-bombing won't help stop them, but will help them recruit.

  • Cruz always goes too far

    Ted Cruz will say anything to look strong and garner votes. He's not the only one of the candidates that has gone way too far, but being someone who has worked at the Supreme Court, he should know better. Mr Cruz is quite aware that the president cannot authorize the military to randomly go around the world carpet-bombing countries. That's why we have a Congress, to reign in the crazy and block the president if need be. Only Congress can authorize us to go to war.

  • Yes Cruz did go too far!

    It is very stupid for Cruz to have said that about carpet-bombing. I think the commander who commented on his statement is right, carpet-bombing is absolutely cruel, kills too much civilians, and is very not precise. We develop technology to help us not make these kinds of errors, it should be used by the military.

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