Anti-monopoly game: Does the Monopoly game teach bad life lessons?

  • They teach that monopolies are positive.

    The goal of the original Monopoly game is to accrue as many monopolies as one possibly can with the aim of making your opponents go bankrupt. This implies that success in business is contingent upon individual selfishness and does not make space for any collaborative enterprise. When this behaviour is replicated in the real world, it can have catastrophic consequences.

  • Yes, the game of Monopoly teaches bad life lessons.

    Yes, the game of Monopoly teaches bad life lessons. This game teaches children that the accumulation of money and other forms of capital by all means necessary is an honorable pursuit. Children should not be exposed to such games if parents want them to learn valuable lessons about the importance of fairness and compassion.

  • The Monopoly game teahes childrwn valuablelife lessons.

    Monopoly familiarizes children with the concepts of money, counting, addition, multiplication, expenses and income, and a host of other valuable lessons. To criticize it as capitalist or being too harsh for children is stupid. It teaches them about budgeting and collecting and earning money and is essential for familairizing them with various denominations and how money works.

  • No, the player takes what they want from the game.

    First off, monopoly is a strategy game, so different people will approach it differently. And while there are definitely successful strategies that may require some questionable business ethics and morals , there are others that do not. Secondly, it's a BOARD GAME! It may be a microcosm of the business world , but it is a very simplistic one with virtually no stakes (discounting ego). There simply are not any lives that are severely affected when that tiny plastic house is moved across that decoratively painted cardboard square. But again, one doesn't have to be a jerk when they play. It is up to the player to choose what kind of player they want to be and what kind of lesson they want to learn, if any at all. After all, it is just a game.

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