Anti-Trump Marches And Rallies Planned For April 15. Is it time for Americans to stand behind their president?

  • It's so one-sided.

    There is nothing that Trump has done yet to take away women's rights. Having a gender isn't a reason to protest. They should wait until Trump actually proposes doing something, rather than protest based on what they think Trump might do. Trump hasn't said or done anything Clinton hasn't. It's time to let him run the country.

  • Is it time for Americans to stand behind their president? Yes

    Is it time for Americans to stand behind their president? Yes. Look, if this same kind of thing was going on when Obama was elected, you all know very well that the first place anyone would go is to call you a racist. The double standard is incredible, but predictable with liberals.

  • Yes, its time to stand behind the president.

    President Trump hasn't even done anything of consequence yet, and already many are protesting his presidency. What happens when Trump does something that actually is controversial? When this happens, the protesters may not be taken seriously. In the meantime, people should wait and see what actually unfolds during his presidency.

  • Give the man a chance to do something wrong before protesting.

    The anti-Trump humor and protests are all so unprecedented and premature. He has four years to mess up and warrant all of this nonsense. At this point, it is just obstructionism and attention-seeking sour grapes from Hillary supporters. If Obama had faced this much protest, everyone would be screaming racism and criticizing protesters for not giving him a chance. Trump deserves at least that much. The system of checks and balances ensures that no one person can exert much influence on the government and Trump has just taken office, so give him a chance to succeed.

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