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  • Of course not!!

    If doctors were "liars," I'm pretty sure science would have figured it out by now. These people are just too lazy to get up and give their child proper medications. The slogan "My Child My Choice" in the picture is ridiculous, it is not a choice whether your child gets to be healthy or not. Vaccinations prevent disease, period.

  • Anti-Vaccination protesters are wrong; doctors are not liars.

    Although I believe that we have a lot more to learn about vaccinations and how they effect us, especially younger children, I don't believe doctors are liars. Vaccinations have helped to keep us healthier and free from many terrible diseases. Polio is a great example. Vaccination is almost solely responsible for almost completely eradicating the Polio virus in the United States.

  • Anti-Vaccination protesters who call doctors liars are incorrect

    Anti-Vaccination protesters who call doctors liars are incorrect. They really should find something else to protest about and open their eyes and ears to real science. If they don't want vaccines, then don't use them. Keep your yaps shut and mind your own business. Time to get educated and learn the truth.

  • No, they are the ones who are liars.

    This whole anti-vaccination cult movement is growing very wearisome. I can't believe in this day and age that people still think they do not need vaccinations. The last thing we need is some polio outbreak because some wacko thought listening to Hollywood celebrities is more important than listening to doctors.

  • Doctors save lives, not the truth

    In no way, shape or form has someone who has held the occupation of a doctor been destructive to a human life. Their main job and priority is to preserve and keep our lives healthy and whole, not the opposite. They have nothing to be false about, they are our help, not our enemy.

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Dilara says2016-06-02T03:22:44.697
Vaccines are helpful and prevent diseases in MOST cases. However in some RARE instances they cause horrible side effects like paralysis. This is because not everyones body reacts the same way to them. Vaccines should be optional.