Antonio Brown snagged a 6 figure Facebook deal. Is bad behavior rewarded in the NFL?

  • Bad behavio is rewarded in the NFL and in many other industries

    Bad behavior boosts ratings and so it is rewarded in the NFL, NBA and entertainment industries. It is news and adds to hype that creates good ratings. The American public is addicted to reality tv and freak shows that networks produce. Our current president is a living breathing freak show, a headline-generating machine that feeds the public's craving for sensationalism.

  • There are other players.

    There are so many players that want to be in the NFL, so it's a shame that the NFL is so tolerant of such terrible behavior. There are fans of the NFL that are children. It sets a terrible example of what a person can get away with. He should be tossed out and others brought in.

  • Apparently, there are rewards for bad behavior inb the age of social media.

    It is not a person's good thoughts, words or deeds that get followers on Facebook, it is notoriety. Notoriety translates into followers and likes which translate into broader exposure of products to more consumers, so Facebook and advertisers are willing to finance people who can give them a following. This is an unfortunate reality of our times and a byproduct of social media that was probably not intended but is nevertheless accepted.

  • Bad behavior is not rewarded in the NFL

    Bad behavior is not rewarded in the NFL and the case of Antonio Brown is no exception. While bad behavior is not specifically rewarded, those who engage in bad behavior are often rewarded. Blame the offender, but look no further than the fan, who buys what these bad people are selling.

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