Anybody willing to help elaborate on some topics i have ? I have to build a debate case . Its feminism and gender equality

Asked by: LittleMsDebater
  • Inequality is real

    While much of the public discussion about pay inequity and the role of women in the workplace has focused on how best to get professional women into visible leadership positions, the average woman is more likely to be toiling away in one of the low-paying roles highlighted by the study than worrying about how she'll move into the C-suite, Traub noted. Women held many of the middle-class government jobs that disappeared

  • There is no such thing as gender/INCOME inequality.

    The only reason women make less than men is due to their selection of non-obsolescent occupations. This means that after taking 2 or so years off of work, they can return back to the job comfortably without worrying what has changed or losing experience (ex: teacher, librarian, nurse). Men generally acquire more risky and obsolete jobs that will in turn pay more for less of a supply of labor for that skill; if a surgeon stops working for a year or two, he/she will need a lot of brushing up to do to work at full capacity again and not be fired.

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TheBathead says2014-05-20T01:20:37.177
Are you asking for a debate challenge or asking for help formulating an argument?