Anyone who is for internet censorship doesn't care about freedom

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  • They care little for freedom of speech and freedom to access information.

    People who are for censorship don't care about about what should be basic freedoms. They are usually conservatives who whine about freedom in one speech but in another wants to censor the internet, ban pornography, keep prohibition etc they only care about freedom when it aligns with their ideology and beliefs. These are the people who want to censor the internet and stop the flow of information. Think about that.

  • An Absolute YES!

    If anyone believes or feels that censorship is a good thing, don't even bother on answering this question. I don't care what anybody says. Internet freedom is essential to freedom in this country. Just think about it for a second, and maybe you'll realize how important it is to not just you but to everyone!

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  • Net Neutrality isn't a political issue, it's a freedom issue

    It doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you are to determine this issue isn't political, it's about freedom, independence, and privacy. As a Conservative, I believe freedom is the greatest principle that our nation was founded on that comes before all other issues. I believe the Internet should be free based on my views of the constitution.

    I understand the US Constitution as a document that doesn't necessarily change with the times, but as times go on new innovations fall under its purview. I believe the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of the Internet due to the "Freedom of the Press" and "Freedom of Speech" clauses. Some might argue that the Internet isn't the press, but raw information flows through it, similarly to TV News Outlets, another innovation covered by the Constitution.

    Most opponents of Net Neutrality cite things like child pornography as a chief reason for censoring the internet. But as the Constitution covers new technologies, so do laws. Child pornography is just that, regardless of whether it's shown by a camera or the Internet, and it's a crime either way.

    The Internet needs to remain neutral in order for freedom to continue to abound, as well as to increase the intelligence of our people and to lessen the ignorance abroad. It doesn't matter if you don't like your political opposites teaching his opinions to others, if you strip the Internet of its freedom and independence, then you are stripping those who use of it of their First Amendment-guaranteed source of information.

  • People don't seem to know the meaning of 'freedom'

    There is no freedom in censorship. True, you and your children get to look up a million distasteful things to entertain yourselves with, but that is because you have the freedom to do such things. You would also have the freedom to use the internet for more important things. Freedom is having the choice to decide for yourself. Restricting someone's decisions and calling it 'freedom' is a load of absolute bull.

  • Internet censorship and monitoring is imperative:

    With the advent of the discovery of TOR networks running child porn and exploitation and drugs without being traceable the "Dark Internet" is a dangerous thing and a very real threat to the security of person's information as well as a route for trafficking and making illegal deals. The Black Market is only strengthened with an unchecked mode of communication.

  • Internet censorship is independent of freedom.

    That someone wants to control the flow of information into the web means they want to prevent the public access to that information. It has a lot to do with law and order and very little to do with freedom.

    Sometimes, for the greater good, people have to do things that they do not support. Not everyone is mature and farseeing enough to understand the implications of their actions on the web. Those who are for internet censorship may feel the need to do so not because they are opposing freedom, but perhaps because they don't trust the public and cannot explain themselves to every idiot in the world.

  • America needs to choose and stop whining

    Yoi can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want freedom then ypu are responsible for your own security. If your want the government to provide that security then you have to give up some freedom. That is how it works. There is no perfect system that just catches the bad guys but still allows you to frolick about as you please. With freedom comes responsibility. But Americans have a problem with accepting responsibility. We blames everyone else. The only people taking away our freedom is us.

  • There are different measures of censorship

    Internet censorship can be a good thing that doesn't invade people's personal freedoms depending on how it's used (eg: censoring child pornography, preventing an underage internet user from seeing inappropriate content). Internet censorship is only an invasion of privacy if it prevents people from things like viewing media that could be critical of their country's government or media that is controversial such as pornography (if the viewer is an adult).

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