Anything is possible with god on your side? Lol there was a time when i thought we were smarter than our ancestors.

Asked by: steffon66
  • The response is love --

    In the originating statement there is a declaration that children are starving and horrible things are happening to them that aren't the result of free will, my first question would be "whose free will are we discussing?"

    Many situations in third world nations comes down to the free will of those in charge. Doing relief work around the world, I've learned something simple. Most of the resources submitted by organizations never hit the streets because of the hundreds of thousands of hands all passing the pie to the needy. That's their free will, to take from this pie and deprive others. To keep wars raging in other torn parts of the world, many people, through their free will and sheer force of will, force people into dependency.

    Consider the differences between the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. The CEO of the Red Cross was reported making well over $600,000 a year while the Salvation Army director (a Christian organization) only made around $13,000 in 2011. The Salvation Army is a $2 Billion dollar social relief organization, yet the director chooses to take a menial salary so that more of their funds go where they are needed. That's an issue of free will.

    Is the need great? Definitely. Is it possible to overcome? Certainly! But what would it require? Well, if we followed Christian principals we would take care of others and then ourselves. But since there are a lot who don't adhere to these principals who are in the mix, it won't happen.

    Note, also, Christians are by far the most generous subpopulation throughout the world, and still, there are people in the chain who take and think of themselves first and foremost. That's a choice, that's free will, and that doesn't disprove God. In fact, God warned us about that and that is why we are instructed to "love thy neighbor as you love yourself." You will most likely see to it that you have food tonight, but will you go check on your neighbor and share if you need to?

  • And then i realized how stupid we are.

    I then realized that our ancestors thought they were smarter than their ancestors too. Everybody looks back and thinks how can such good people like us come from such horrible people like them. What they are missing as that we are no better. We just think we are better. Now to cover the topic i will first point out that kids are starving all over the world and horrible things are happening to them that arent the result of free will. If anything was possible for you christians why arent you doing anything about these things? That either makes you horrible people for letting other peoples children starve or it makes you powerless to stop it. Either way one of your beliefs is false (the belief that your good and all powerful through god who strengthens you)

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