• The Bible is the only way

    Anything that is not in the Bible is not a creation of God and is therefore evil. The internet is not in the Bible and is therefore evil. Other literature is evil. Football is evil. Video games are evil. Dogs and cats are evil. Vaccines are evil. So everything not is the Bible is evil, That's what my priest said. And he can not be wrong because he is a priest.

  • If you don't believe the bible, You are dead.

    You have no life if you don't believe in the bible. You also don't know how to live. Yeah, I see you, Acting like I'm insane. I'M NOT. I'm just frustrated. The things you do in life are evil and filled with insanity if you don't believe in the bible.

  • Of course, This is true.

    The bible should be interpreted from what is actually written in it. If you do anything that is not in the bible, (Like going to a Starbucks). Then you are promoting Satan. Ever played Video Games? Better start asking for forgiveness. Only do what's in the bible, Because if you don't then you don't believe in it at all and should just start promoting Satan.

  • Yes, I agree with this statement

    The reason being is that the Bible should be interpreted literally (word by word) as it has been created by God and it has never been modified in any shape or form! God is the only true divine leader and our spiritual leader, Therefore the bible is a product of his righteousness.

  • Oui oui oui

    I'm not in the bible and I feel pretty evil, Therefore the statement is true.

    Seriously, Though, This makes no sense. At all. Get a life. Please. I don't think puppies are in the Bible either, But they are still good. Why is this even a questions? Makes no sense.

  • No, That is preposterous.

    Of course this is nonsense. In fact, Quite a few things that ARE in the bible are evil. Religion is the main source of hatred in this world. People kill, Rape, Mutilate, And start wars in the name of their religion. Can't say the same for atheism and that's for fucking sure.

  • The bible isn't a crystal ball

    The bible doesn't contain things like vaccines, Antibiotics or glasses. Just because it doesn't contain those things, Doesn't make them evil. In fact they have arguably helped more people than the bible. There are dozens of medications, Treatments and other medical operation that save people every day. It's not just medical treatments either, It doesn't list great influencers like Ghandi, Martin Luther King or Lincoln, That doesn't make them evil.

  • Im a christian, But this isnt true.

    There are good things that we use in our everyday lives that are not in the Bible. Like, Activities: Painting, Drawing, Video games (depending on the type), These can be used for good but also for bad. They are things God gave us to enjoy in our lives but not to be idolized or used as distractions from Him.

  • No where in the Bible does it say that everything has to be found in the Bible.

    No where in the Bible does it say that everything has to be found in the Bible. The words "anything not in this book is evil" is not in the bible, Thus there can be other things not found in the Bible that are good. The Bible wasn't put together until the late 390's AD. Does this mean that everything before the Bible was put together was evil? Of Course not.

  • Converse aren't in the Bible

    Converse aren't in the Bible and Converse definitely aren't evil. I'm not in the Bible and most of the Saints aren't in the Bible and they definitely weren't evil. Sure, There are things not in the Bible that are evil, Such as abortion, But there are also things not in the Bible that aren't evil, Like a pair of tennis shoes.

  • Bible wasn't written by God

    You wanna know who has written the Bible? People. People from the ancient times. Times've changed and using Bible as a main source of what's evil and what is not, Will just not work because it's just outdated. Now I'm not saying it's wrong to read the Bible or anything like that, Because it's not. However, It's not a guiding light to your behaviour.

  • No, Its not

    Yes, If the bible says something is evil, It is evil. But if the bible doesn't mention it, It may or may NOT be evil. Chewing gum isn't in the bible! Chewing gum isn't evil! Playing video games aren't in the bible! Video games aren't evil! Pooping your pants isn't in the bible! Pooping your pants isn't evil! (It's gross tho) See my point!

  • Exodus 21:20 - 21

    Exodus 21: 20 - 21 “Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, 21 but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, Since the slave is their property.

  • Just because it's outside the bible doesn't make it evil.

    The funny thing is, I'm a firm-believing Christian. But I have seen many people and many actions that aren't in the Bible and weren't "evil. " I think that this just doesn't make any sense. Now, Any DOCTRINAL TEACHING that goes against the Bible is an obstruction of the truth, But that's a different topic altogether.

  • There's no proof that the bible is true, And the burden of proof rests upon those who claim that it is.

    There isn't proof that the Christian bible is completely true, And there isn't proof that it's more true than those of other religions.

    Https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Russell%27s_teapot

    The burden of proof lies on those claiming that it is true here, And I have yet to see them provide proof and successfully shift it.

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Daralian says2019-10-20T20:14:10.453
I guess op is eveil then

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