AP-GfK poll: 'Deplorables' comment sticks to him, not her: Will Trump bounce back and win the election?

  • Trump is on track to win election

    Donald Trump has been steadily increasing in the polls of likely voters. His most controversial comments were made during the Republican primaries. Any of his supporters who were not deterred by those comments are unlikely to change their vote now. Hillary Clinton's health issues and other controversial comments are working against her with undecided voters.

  • Trump has no chance at winning

    Trump may have won the Republican nomination, but that's as far as he's going to get. As much as people dislike Hillary, she will win in a landslide against Trump. I don't think it could have been this easy for her against anyone else. Trump keeps losing more and more supporters, and people are starting to see that Hillary isn't so bad after all.

  • No, Trump will not win the election.

    Donald Trump will not likely win the election. Even if he bounces back from the 'deplorables' comment that Hillary Clinton made about him; Trump has too high of a mountain to climb. This will likely be a competitive election, but Hillary just has too much of a lead, since she is the Democratic candidate.

  • Trump Wil Not Win Electoral College

    It is very unlikely that Trump will win the election. He is just going to keep saying and doing ridiculous things more and more. The electoral college is what will ultimately decide the winning candidate so it does not appear that he would be able to win them over very believably.

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