• Valuable history lessons

    I think history is important although not everything is true we use what is significant as a contributor towards everything we do.We are surrounded by history,everything and everyone we associate with has a story.History teaches you life lessons,history is not just about the study of history it is about any subject you study that makes a statement and is justified therefore worth your attention.So pay attention to the voice of history

  • Hell yess defs

    Yo we are here because of everything that has happened before us. Does that not have any value to you people. Like seriously. What the hell. All these lazy ass bitches be sayin there be no point know what happend in the past. Dude the past made you. You would be a completly different perosn if even alive today if something else happened. Dominos, buterflies, torpedos in japan. Lots of stuff in the past still has relevance today. Look im one tough black dude. My people were once enslaved. What if ididnt know that. Shot abe. Yo the man

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! History Matter. History Is Fragile and Deteriorating.

    Begin to search out your own family history. You will soon discover, real history is out there. You will start to care about the truth. Visit the graves of veterans, you will start to care about history. Visit our seasoned citizens. Listen to theirs stories. You will start to care about history, yours and theirs. History matters because there are those who prefer ingnorence and mythology. Do you want to let that element write our history for you? "Keep It Simple, Stupid" works for some things. Not brain surgery, not rocket science, and not history. If you don't care, start today. History is fragile and deteriorating. If you are content to accept the gaps in presidential tapes and pages torn from Orderly Books (Fort Wayne 1810-1813) then we are doomed. The more you know about history, the more you know about your self. "The past cannot perpare us for the future. It can only prepare us to be surprised again. "(Archaeologist Timothy Scarlet) Millions have died and millions more are suffering today because those who had the power to make a difference and do the right thing, turned a blind eye to history in order to suit their selfish interests. Start asking questions. Start paying attention. Start caring. You too will begin to appreciate history in a whole new way.

  • History is important

    Without history where would we be today?? History has shown how our country has grow throughout the years. We learn about things like the plow and go back and improve it. History is all about changes whether it's good or bad. That is why history is so important to learn about.

  • Yes because it is benefitial for our future

    We can use our knowledge of history to make sure that we don't make the same mistakes over and over. We can gain knowledge on why people did things the way they did in the past and use that to benefit our lives, society and community. We can learn about different cultures and ideas and adapt it to make an advantage for ourselves and help others by our own knowledge of history.

  • History is us.

    Learning one's own culture is a form of history education.

    If we don't know how things came to be, in every aspect of life; political, educational, technological, societal, than we will not be able to move forward in any aspect.

    There are things in the past, that we can learn from and can apply to today's world. Discoveries, experiments, societal choices, do not have to be repeated every few generations if we know our history.

    Not everyone needs to be a historian, but a good general history of where we have been, what has happened, and from different perspectives is essential to everyone.

  • One could argue that history is the only academic field that truly affects every person regardless of their race, socio-economic status, wealth, color, and creed.

    History touches everyone, whether they like it or not. You don't have to study history as an academic for it to have an important impact in your life. Everyone keeps discussing how "if you don't study it you are bound to repeat it." That is true, but history is more than just a lesson. It is a way to understand the present. History is key in understanding current events- domestically or internationally. History allows you to understand why your city is thriving or in decline. History is in art, architecture, music, all of your favorite TV shows. History even allows us to understand why certain plants are growing in our backyard. History is not just dates and names. There is the history of medicine, the history of math, the history of international trade. Every single event, object, idea, and person has a history. You cannot get away from it. History will always have value to every person on the face of the planet, whether they are willing to accept it or not. If anyone thinks otherwise, they clearly have not thought very deeply about what history actually is and how ever-present it will always be. Until the last human on Earth draws their last breath, history will have value to the human race, even apart from academics.

  • Absolutely, yes, it does.

    History isn't just written "by those in power." It's multi-faceted, multi-layered, and it informs our present more than most people can understand. History is not for the small-minded, but I swear, the world would be such a better place if more people had a better understanding of the past. This is coming from someone with degrees in history, so, you know, bias. But I'm pretty sure I'm right ;-)

  • Apart from academics, history does have value.

    In studying your past you can learn from your mistakes. Learning about unfortunate events in history can be a way to prevent them from happening again. Georges Santayana said, “Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.”
    History helps us to understand where we, along with our ancestors, came from; which in turn, helps us to develop a sense of belonging to our country.

  • History certainly has value beyond academics because it is the story of our lives and those of our families and friends.

    History is not some concept that is only of interest to academics. While much of the history taught in schools is dry at best, history can come alive when it is presented in a way that brings it home to us personally. As an amateur genealogist, I have found connecting my family members to times and places in history to be a fascinating hobby. It is one that helps me to understand their motivations and character traits - and how these were passed on to me and my family.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84

    I think it is extremely pointless learning history. The events and the people you learn about are already dead and gone. History is a complete waste of time because you will not use history in every day life. No one in the professional field will ask you when world war I happened. History is just a schools way to meet education standards given to them by the government.

  • History can benefit politicians and lawyers by teaching them about the errors of the past.

    Using tactical information from history can help people who have to come up with tactical scenarios. For example, politicians trying to get elected can benefit from history, because they can see how other people got elected in the past. In addition, military people can use history to come up with effective tactics.

    Posted by: taikajuoma
  • No, history does not have much value because it is widely inaccurate and written by those who are in power.

    Every time some new group or country comes into power, history is rewritten in a way that does not offend them or their beliefs. It is hard to learn from mistakes of the past if you are not even sure what really happened. The further back into time you go, the more likely the history you are told is just some made up story to keep the winners from looking like the bad guys.

    Posted by: H_Baird

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