• It was not a racist comment.

    The comment about Michelle Obama was not meant to reflect on Obama's race. A lot of people think that she looks mean and angry all the time. This has nothing to do with her race. These sour expressions were probably what the person was referring to when they made that comment. It wasn't in good taste, but it wasn't worthy of more punishment than resignation.

  • Resignation is enough of a punishment

    I believe that forcing the resignation of the person denouncing Michelle Obama as an "Ape in heels" is a sufficient punishment for them. To be more accurate, I do not believe that it owuld be sufficient punishment if it did not come with the disdain and disagreement of an entire nation behind it.

  • No, it is not.

    No, i disagree. Resignation is not enough of a punishment to this insult. Why on earth would someone look down upon a former first lady. Addressing her as "Ape in Heels" was the worst insult ever and it deserve a thorough punishment. Therefore the law should be taking upon this person.

  • Punishment is Frivolous

    Forcing someone to resign over mere words is frivolous. No one is perfect, and people of all stripes say nasty things at times. If we punished people over chance comments made in the heat of the moment every time that happens, everyone in the world would be punished for something.

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