Apple and PC wars: Should the PC rename itself to the "Orange," so people know it's not like Apple?

  • Not orange, name it pear.

    Are you serious? People will start thinking that the PC is nothing more than a joke. But it'll be awesome if the future computers are organised into two different factions, the apple and the orange. It'll be like, "hey, heard Apple released a iPhone just a week ago." and "Nah, I won't be going for Apple this time. I decided to give Orange a try; I heard the new Orange tablet runs as smoothly as an orange."

  • That would be fun.

    Yes, the PC should rename itself to the Orange, so that people know it's not like Apple, because it's confusing right now that they are called Apple and PC. If they called themselves Apples and Oranges, there would be a lot of possibilities for funny advertising campaigns. It would be a lot easier for people to distinguish the two lines of products.

  • If you are buying a PC, you are probably intelligent enough to tell the difference.

    Apple is huge and obvious and.....White? It's not difficult to tell the difference between their very blatant style and the boring, less fashionable DELL box. I think you would be hard pressed to find a four year old in this or any other industrialized country that can't identify an apple computer/laptop/tablet/phone. It's part of their brand strategy, they don't look like anything else. So if you show me something that doesn't look just like every other apple product out there? I'm just gonna ASSUME it's not apple. That simple.

  • PC is not the new fruit

    PC is well known internationally. If you go up to any person randomly on the street they'll know what you're talking about if you ask them about a PC. So why would you try to rebrand yourself that is so well known to react to your major competition of Apple?

  • Yes the PC should rename itself to Orange

    When one first come across the name Apple for sure a certain product rings in his/her mind. It is so because Apple is the name of a product which is well known by many and on top of it all it is a trademark name. In order to differentiate PC it will be good to rename them, so that they too can have their own Identity.

  • What a stupid question

    Instead of talking about something that might happen. This person poses a question that we all know will never happen. I don't suppose that this person was on something when they decided to create such a non-sense question. If the PC really wants to compete with apple, they just need to enhance the usability of it's product.

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