Apple buys iFixit: Did Apple buy iFixit in order to silence the company's criticisms of iPhones and iPads?

  • Yes, they aboslutely did. Why else would they?

    Ifixit provided an independent third party that looked at Apple products in a very unbiased manner, giving honest feedback geared towards allowing a user to solve common problems. By Apple purchasing Ifixit, they not only can control what is or is not published, they can do so in a way that unless the reader is aware it is owned by Apple, can easily be misconstrued as a "independent" review .

  • Yes, I believe they did.

    iFixit has be openly negative in their criticism of Apple products. They offer before you buy consumer reviews that often skew people away from Apple products. It makes sense that Apple would want to acquire the company in order to stop the bleeding. I am sure they will use the new platform to provide very biased information about upcoming Apple products.

  • they probably did so

    I think that it is not crazy to assume that Apple did this purchase randomly. I mean, they must know what they are doing, and there is no other logical explanaition for this action. Apple surely bought this company because it was easier than negotiating their demmands with its owners

  • No, I don't think Apple bought iFixit in order to silence the company.

    I think there were likely many factors that went into the buyout of iFixIt, the company evaulated their options and decided it made sense and was in the best interest of shareholders to make this purchase, while silencing the company may have been a factor in their decision I highly doubt it was the only factor.

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