Apple CEO Tim Cook announces he is gay: Will this announcement cause a backlash against Apple?

  • Apple's Tim Cook says he is 'proud to be gay' - Chicago ...

    The nation remains divided over gayism and straight people in all states of united state thoough majority of them supports same-sex marriage.
    Majority being youths tends to support same sex marriage unlike the old people who are less hence a cook pronouncing it publically in an article he is a gay

  • No backlash against apple

    This day and age being gay is not that big of a deal, especially for the younger tech age people. Business is and will be great for apple due to the fact that they supply the public with products that they want. That's the main thing it doesn't matter who does what in the executive world any more, its not 1930.

  • Tim Cook sexuality gives others confidence

    Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced that he is gay, of course this news will be perceived differently by the society. To me this is a stepping stone for those still holding back, for those heavily scared of showing their sexuality and for those ashamed of who they are. If the CEO of a big company like Apple declare to the world that he is gay, this should give confidence to others in the executive chain with similar sexual orientation. Who knows how many top ranked CEO's, Manager's and other top executives still out there living in fear due to their sexual orientation? This declaration from Tim Cook, will give them some form of hope.

  • Apple's core customer base is not homophobic

    Apple's traditional customer base is in education, graphic design and entertainment, three industries that are notoriously liberal and tolerant of alternative lifestyles. Should there be any backlash against Apple as a result of Tim Cook's announcement, there would likely be an equivalent or greater response from these groups in support of the company.

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