Apple: Do corporations like Apple unfairly benefit from tax breaks offered by countries like Ireland?

  • No corporation should be exempt from taxation

    I feel that any corporate practice that is set in place solely to undermine the fair taxation of business for economic gains serves to compromise the constitution as a whole and weakens the entire structure of the nation. Especially considering the large financial profits that are made due to other practices. It only serves to the detriment of the socioeconomic integrity and the practices appear as dishonest and disloyal to the many benefits that are taken advantage of by doing domestic business.

  • If They Save

    Corporations like Apple absolutely benefit from tax breaks because they seek out these loopholes to increase profit margins. These corporations are leeches on society however tax laws have taught them to seek out these loopholes. I think there is a lot of time wasted and a lot of harm done by this and the world needs to take notice and try to correct the problems.

  • Yes, I think these tax breaks are unfair

    Yes, I believe companies like Apple unfairly benefit from tax breaks by foreign countries. These incentives by other countries to draw foreign businesses and boost their economy provide benefits to the company coming in, but not necessarily to those affected by the transition. Often, the increased profits gained by paying less in taxes are not passed down to the employee, or even sometimes to the consumer. The foreign country may gain jobs, and a small portion of taxes it wouldn't otherwise have, but it steals from the opportunities for the American economy, the American worker, and the American consumer, who is ultimately having to supplement in taxes for what the big business isn't contributing.
    Additionally, countries like Ireland are also creating tension with their own economic allies whose European-based companies are having to subsidize tax revenues, or whose fellow EU members risk lessened appropriations due a decrease in tax revenue because of these breaks. As a whole, these types of deals do more harm to the global economy than good. The only real winner is the business receiving the tax break.

  • Corporations benefit unfairly from tax breaks from other countries

    It's not fair that the corporations seek countries with lower taxes because each corporation should pay the taxes based on where they were founded. Many countries that are in economic crises are not able to improve their situation because corporations are taking the money out of the country and paying taxes somewhere else.

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