Apple: Do you intend to use the new health and fitness tracking platform once the bugs get worked out?

  • Yes, this will improve my fitness.

    I rely on this feature to track my physical fitness. I have an active work-family lifestyle, and so find it difficult to keep track of my health. I will be relieved when this feature becomes fully active so I can live a healthier life when I'm occupied with other activities.

  • No. I do not intend to use the new tracking program

    The new Health and Fitness platform from Apple is a joke. There are many other good Apps out there that do the same exact thing and many are going to be work better than Apple's even after the bugs are worked out. Plus it can't rival what a Droid platform would be capable of.

  • I Will Not Use the Apple`s App

    People has gotten used the small gadgets in their pockets to rule their life. Video calls, browsing, emails, social networks, even taxi services I hail and use heavily. However for fitness and health issues I consider to keep my usual, old ways of doing it. For one reason fitness is something that has to be done outdoors. For me this running and nothing else, and I already have a stepmeter app. On the other hand I consider that only licensed medical care should be applied in health issues. Sorry Apple.

  • No I don't

    I don't have an iPhone, but even if I did, those apps never seem to work for me. I prefer to use charity miles, which donates money for every mile you walk or run. They donate to a charity that you choose, and I think that is a great motivator for me.

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