• Apple Anything Please!

    Who among modern society isn't sitting waiting and salivating over the latest apple product! A smartwatch, oh the possibilities! Yes, I would be in line to buy a smartwatch, who wouldn't? This is going to be a seriously popular item that quite possibly bring the watch back in to popular use!

  • Yes, I will be purchadsing an Apple iWatch.

    The smartwatch is all the new trend & since Apple's recent purchase of Beats by Dre as well as the discontinuation of the Nike+ fuelband have left the AppleFanBoys salivating. This smartwatch will conduct tasks independently, but it will also be dependant upon a functioning iOS device - which many already have.

  • Yes, I would.

    It would be nice to be able to wear something attractive and find out what's been going on, on my phone without having to pull it out every few minutes. It would especially be nice in meetings where I don't want my phone to be a distraction but still want to be up to date

  • Easier to wait

    Lining up to pay through the nose for new technology might be popular, but it's completely unnecessary. The rumored iWatch would be a great thing to have, but it isn't something I'd be tempted to be the first person to grab. If previous Apple devices are anything to go by, it's best to let other people test them first anyway.

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