• Android is epic

    Ive had lots of experience with both apple and android,out of the two i prefer android because in my eyes it has a simpler system of operating and is better built.In my possession i have broken 5 iPhone's 18 iPods and 3 i Pads,but have only broken 3 android devices.

    Posted by: JC97
  • Android is moving forward

    Android is revolutionizing the mobile industry. The reason Iphones are bigger is because of the galaxies. Androids are faster, smarter and more advance than the Iphone. Apple isn't keeping up with how fast everything is evolving and hasn't changed in anyway significantly since it first came out. When the Iphone came out it changed everything but now its trying to keep up with new advancements.

  • More Free Stuff

    I have tried both of them, and I like Android a lot more than I do Apple. Android is a lot more user friendly. The apps and games on Apple are a lot more expensive than on Android. Another thing is that when you are using Android, it is easier to be sneaky and switch between a game to a book for when your parents come in.

  • Apple is the leader

    Apple leads the phone market, and always have their signature print on all their phones. They always have great new features to their phones when they come out, even if it isn't visual. Many say there were no changes with the 6s, 7 and 8, but this is completely untrue. The duel lens camera, the wireless charging, fast charging, along with faster processors. Besides this, apple phones are really comparable - icloud, airdrop, etc.

  • I find apple great.

    Besides apples Mac, the Ipad, IPhone ect. Is great. They are very easy and simple to use and Apple having stores all around the world it is easy if there is ever something you can't work out and they can try to fix it for you. Apple is easy and great

  • Apple is easier to use!

    I've had both an Apple and an Android phone before, and (after a lot of bashing and convincing from friends, family, and the internet) I've come to the conclusion that iPhone's are a hell of a lot easier to use than Androids. It's much easier to get music onto your phone. The whole iTunes set up is just more user friendly.

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