Apple: Only nine iPhone 6s reported to be bent: Is "Bendgate" getting blown out of proportion?

  • Yes, Bendgate is going to far

    Anytime a new product rolls out there is always going to be a few that are defective. It has been reported that Apple is not ignoring the situation. In fact they are going to be replacing the iphones that have become damaged. Apple is reassuring customers that they are working towards getting all of those iphones replaced.

  • Bendgate not that big of a deal

    Any new product is going to have a few issues, especially at first. Only nine iPhone 6s have been reported to be bent. This is a relatively small number, considering how many iPhone 6s have been sold. These units could represent isolated incidents that were mere coincidence. It is not like half of all iPhone 6s sold have had the bend problem. Bendgate is just not that big of a deal.

  • Yes, "Bendgate" has gone way too far.

    Yes, "Bendgate" has been blown way out of proportion. If only 9 users have reported bending issues, even if only one million iPhone 6s units have been sold, that's only .009% of phones. On top of that, one million units a drastic underestimation of how many phones have been sold. Maybe the real question is, why were people trying to bend their brand new $700+ iPhones in the first place?

  • No. Bendgate is not getting blown out of proportion.

    Only 9 have been reported because only 9 people were willing to try and bend their phones. Most people when then get a new phone, they buy a case to protect their new phone so the opportunity to bend it doesn't arise. This is still a problem because phones should not bend and if they do, they need to be re-called.

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