Apple Pay in stores this week: Are these technological trends keeping our money safe?

  • Apple Pay: Is Your Money Safe?

    Technologies such as Apple Pay keep your money safe by never revealing account numbers to third parties. When you make a purchase using Apple Pay, the app used a device-secured account number for that purchase, so your checking account number (or debit card number) is never seen by the retailer. With additional security features, like fingerprint scanning, your identity is more secure than ever.

  • Apple Pay to Help Secure our Funds

    I think Apple Pay is a great way to keep our money safe. Using their fingerprint technology will reduce credit card fraud because it requires the consumers fingerprint to make the transaction. With all of the bank fraud happening, this is a great alternative to having to use credit or debit cards. Hopefully other retailers and cell phone manufacturers start using something like this as well.

  • No, digital payments do not do enough to keep consumers' money safe.

    Online shopping has become nearly as ubiquitous as physical stores themselves, if not more so, and this being the case, the security of consumers' information is a crucial issue. The recent spat of hacks over the past five years or so have shown that corporate America clearly isn't taking this issue seriously enough. If companies want to maintain consumer confidence, they need to address this problem.

  • They Do Try

    I will say this much. I do honestly think we these inventions are created that they have every intention of keeping money safe for their customers. Unfortunately, computing is something that is constantly in a change of flux and it can be manipulated. For this reason I do not believe your money can be 100% safe, but it's not for a lack of trying.

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