• Yes they are overrated

    Before you buy an iPhone you got to realize that just because something is the most expensive doesn't mean it's the best. For example a Mits Altair 800 (assembled) costs about 631 dollars while I could buy a better (and newer) PC for 329.99. There are also a ton of features that Android users already had ,and to be honest iPhone is just playing catch-up. Iphone limits you to their store only, while in Android you can download even from your browser, the only difference is that you have to be more cautious on android. However at this point in time it would take a fool to believe the "you have a virus ads" (not only that but you should always have an anti-virus). Finally the personalization and modification that you can make with Android can make you feel like you ACTUALLY own the phone.

  • Apple restricts what users can do way too much

    From a UI perspective iOS is too restrictive. Apple always thinks it Knows best. Customisation near impossible. Wallpaper apps not allowed. Email client doesn't work with gmail ie inbox swamped with ghost emails dated 1/1/1970. No file explorer, Dropbox and so on don't really work with iPhones etc, because they don't have access to central document folder. IPhone too expensive

  • Yes they are

    You have limited personalization. Cant even move apps on your home screen where you want em. They all have to be in a row. You must download iTunes for your computer to transfer things. I bought a non apple charger and after the warming that it wasnt an official apple product it just stopped working. Its overpriced garbage. Its like a starter edition smartphone. Android blows Iphones out of the water and it isn't even close. I got my iphone for free and thank god because I would have serious buyers remorse. It sucks ass.

  • I don't have a iphone but just got a iPad mini 4

    So far there are a few things that bug me

    1. The app store search suck you put in the name of the app and gives you results for totally different apps? I'm having better luck using Google to search for them then clicking the link to the app store.

    2. The lack of not being able to put the apps where you want too. But that because I'm used to the windows os.

    3. Again with the apps I can't say that there are any better that the other platforms. For some I have on other devices there are better than the apple ones.

    Just a little bit disappointed with all the hype apple seem to have.

  • Great phones but not the best.

    I think that Apple is definitely a top three in the phone production business. But personally, I find the specs and durability of phones being put out by Samsung and LG a little more desirable.

    The IPhone is supposedly even increasing its size, something that Samsung and LG have done for a while, which is a testament that they are still in a highly competitive race.

    If I had to make a prediction though, I would guess that the South Korean tech giants may eventually surpass Apple in the phone market, though right now that is too difficult to say.

  • They are the best.

    No, I do not think that iPhones are overrated, because they are the best of the best. IPhones are not created to be priced low so that a lot of people will buy them. Rather, they focus on making sure that their product is the best in the industry. I have to respect that.

  • Overrated is not synonymous with established.

    Apple is already chartered as one of the leading companies in the world in terms of innovation. The iPhone is one of the technologies that have helped it secure it's position. It therefore deserves every bit of its popularity as the most popular phone currently existing. It also has a seriously clean and user-friendly interface as compared to other brands. Chances are, most people using other brands such as Samsung or Nokia know how to navigate an iPhone, but the same cannot be said vice versa.

  • No, my iPhone provides me with everything I need.

    The iPhone has become popular world wide, and for good reasons. I can easily check my email, check my bank account, update my family via social media, make calls, access my calendar, play games, and search the web from one easy place. I have birthdays, appointments, and more stored in my iPhone, and it is small enough to fit in my pocket. I don't think I will ever switch phones away from an iPhone.

  • Iphones are the best

    All my friends and relatives know for a fact that I have always been a very big fan of Apple and all their really cool products, and among all those products, Iphone is definitely my favorite. I think that this product totally changed the way we talk to each other.

  • I thihnk the iPhone ecosystem is maturing.

    I don't think the iPhone is overrated. However, I do think that people mistake the fact that the iPhone is a mature platform as a justification for calling it overrated. I prefer Apple's app store, if not the changes added in iOS7. I also prefer Apple's integration between their iCloud service and iOS and I'm really anticipating the changes made to better integrate OS X and iOS with Yosemite and iOS8!

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