• Yes, local radio stations are becoming obsolete

    Local radio stations are becoming obsolete because technology is continuously advancing. As a result the radios inside of cars are advancing as well. Also people like to be familiar with what they are listening to while also having a wide range of options to choose from. Local radio are not available everywhere like satellite radio.

  • Local radio is getting sidelined.

    Local radio seems to be going the way of the typewriter, just plain old obsolote. I hope this doesn't happen though, because free radio is good for people who don't want to spend money just to listen to a few tunes or to the local weather. Also, loca businesses advertise on radio, so I think local business suffers with less local radio listeners.

  • We need radios

    Radio is used for so many different things, music, talking, signals, emergences, SOS...
    Radio is an important thing in our lives. Radios may be coming less popular because of other things, but in a blackout you can use the radio , or you can use something else that runs out of battery and you cant charge it. WE NEED RADIOS

  • Local radio lives on

    The radio has been part of my life. Ever since being a little kid, I would take my Walkman with me wherever I'd go. Even today, I love the fact that I can turn on any station and hear someone talking in the background. In my opinion, local radio stations are not phasing out and won't for quite some time. Even the term radio is such a vague term. There are so many ways to get radio now, whether it's the traditional route (AM/FM), or via satellite and the internet.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No, Radio lives!

    Are local radio stations becoming obsolete? Heavens no! Local radio is the heart of many thriving communities and still relied on by much of the general public for up to date news, weather and local information. Local radio stations are necessary and revered by the public and are here to stay.

  • No, not entirely.

    I will agree that local radio stations are on the decline, that may be true. However are they becoming obsolete? I don't believe so. I do believe local radio stations still have a purpose in this generation. In the area I live in there are still a few local radio stations that people tune into daily, mainly because it's useful for the people. One day they will be obsolete, just not right now.

  • No, local radio stations are still relevant

    Individual areas, countys, and cities, have their own culture and traditions. A rural area in southwest Kentucky will have very different tastes and preferences than a neighborhood in New York City. As these areas are different, radio stations can take advantage of this fact by presenting localized, specific music, news, weather, and more, that online radio stations lack.

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