• Yes, it's time to sell Apple's stock and move away from its expired glory.

    Apple has long been known in the telecommunications industry as a provider of high quality products at a premium cost. Apple, being the origin of what smart phones are today, were able to ride on the technology wave of growth that came in with the profit margins on these new devices. However, recently, Apple has not been able to innovate to their previous glory levels and as a result the increased competition from rival manufactures like Samsung continue to cause sales growth to decline and eventually profit margins to decline as Apple is forced to invest more in product development to keep up with competition. Seeing as how Apple will not be able to maintain its former unprecedented growth, now is the time to sell the stock and move forward with the growth in other companies.

  • It's time to buy Apple stocks

    For now the price is up a little, but I think it's going to go up a lot more. Apple has been working extensively on providing new, innovative products that consumers will be dying to have. Apple already makes the best computers and music players, who knows what's next for them - but I'm sure it will be astounding.

  • Keep Apple Stock

    Apple stock is on the rise. With the near release of the iphone 6 and the iwatch, consumers will be shopping up a storm to get their hands on these items. Owning Apple stock right now is a win/win. Hang onto it and watch it split again before jumping ship to sell.

  • They continue to innovate.

    No, it is not time to sell Apple stock, because Apple has a cult following, and that following will always buy from Apple. We recently had an exchange student from China, and he had to go and spend $600 on an Apple phone before he left. That is how popular Apple is.

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