Apple to beef up security measures after new photo leak: Are hackers getting more dangerous?

  • Yes, they should up their security.

    I believe that they should increase security due to the most recent cloud storage leaks. I know that celebrity nudes have been the most recent and most popular leak from Apples Icould. Hackers may are getting stronger and we need to do something to help preventa another leak like this from happening again.

  • IT security is in an arms race

    Hackers are certainly becoming more dangerous, and this can hardly be seen as surprising. As in any conventional arms race, technology and understanding become more sophisticated and widespread on both sides. Hackers are therefore learning new tools, developing more dangerous - or even just annoying - threats every day. However, this is hopefully matched by increasing awareness and sophistication on the side of the white hats, enabling us to be protected from the increasing threat of hacking.

  • Yes, there seem to be more hacker attacks everyday

    Yes, hackers are getting more dangerous. Everyday there seems to be another issue where information is stolen from individuals or the public at large. Hackers are always inventing new ways to access information and companies either seem to be unconcerned or unwilling to implement the changes necessary to prevent such attacks.

  • Yes, hackers are getting more dangerous

    Yes, hackers are getting more dangerous to people's private data. Hackers are dangerous because they are becoming more technology advanced. If they can easily get through a major corporation's security systems, it surely would be so easy for them to break into anything. If they can get into the cloud storage, what will stop them from going into systems that deal with life and death like medical equipment or the electrical grid. The idea that they can just break into systems without anyone knowing who they are, is scarier than any horror film.

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