Apple TV: Will Apple TV be able to compete with Fire TV and Roku?

  • Yes, I think Apple TV will be able to compete with Fire TV and Roku.

    I think that simply because it is Apple it will be successful, Apples brand image is among the strongest in the world and any product they put out is a quality product, for those reasons I think that Apple TV could easily surpass both Fire TV and Roku very quickly.

  • They can deliver

    If there is one single company in the world that can deliver everything they promise, that company is definitely Apple Inc. I think that they will be able to compete with Fire TV and Roku because they know how to develop this kind of projects so i do not doubt it.

  • Apple TV will be a competitor

    Apple TV is a new application that allows access to thousands of clips, shows and videos. It can safely be assumed that apple TV will likely be a huge success. It consolidates material that people want access to. Furthermore, apple is already an established brand so bringing in customers is a non factor.

  • Probably not, no.

    The problem with Apple TV is the fact that Apple is a very insular company and isn't very compatible with..well, the rest of technology. People are getting tired of apple and their overpriced products, and I think the same trend will follow with apple tv. We will see how it goes.

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