Apple UK male voice: Should Apple silence voice actor Jon Briggs to keep Siri’s identify hidden?

  • Apple should hide Siri's identity

    Siri's identity should remain hidden forever. The beloved voice of Apple's iPhone products, Siri was recently outed as voice actor Jon Briggs. What a disappointment. Apple should silence voice actor Jon Briggs to keep Siri's identity hidden. This is a better choice for Apple, one that respects its valuable customers.

  • Apple should slience voice actor Jon Briggs

    Apple should silence voice actor Jon Briggs to keep Siri’s UK male voice identify hidden because this piece of intellectual property is more valuable if the consumer cannot link the voice to a human voice. Linking Siri to a real-life actor takes away the illusion of artificial intelligence which Apple has invested so much money in creating.

  • Siri's identity more compeling if left a mystery

    I think that if Siri's identity is left hidden the users can attribute any characteristics they like to her. She can look and be whomever they like in their minds. I also think that if they reveal who she actually is if the individual doesn't like the person behind Siri it can colour their opinion of her. Bascially it's more fun not knowing.

  • You know it's there.

    I don't think it should be hidden. The voice recognition program on the Apple devices is Siri. Why keep that hidden? I don't understand. How would that help anyone at all? We all know it's Siri already so it would really just be a big waste of time to do that.

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