• Too much information!

    Who the hell has got time to relearn an app or OS every time there is an update? I sure don´t! The more crap you put in your phone/tablet/computer or whatever the more complicated and time consuming it gets. And if you´re one of those who don´t mind, you´re pretty much a robot already with corporate brands neatly packed inside your brain, controlling your mind and life.

  • Yes, I Very Much Think We Give Smart Phones Too Much Control

    Smart Phones have taken the place of our telephones, mp3 players, computers, GPS systems, email and instant messenger application, newspapers, advice columns, cameras and video cameras, televisions, movie rental businesses and so many more. I admit there is a lot of convenience in being able to have so much information and access in one small and user friendly (for the most part) package at all times. However, old arguments about our abilities to interact with each other on personal and engaged levels - to really have and create and be a part of any sort of culture - are resurfacing around Smart Phones. With so much access at our fingertips to any information or entertainment, I believe we are choosing the quick fix for our boredom and loneliness and it will come back to bite us. The more we avoid human contact, the more we fear it and forget its worth. Smart Phones allow us to get sucked into them, and into our own heads, without any effort. And they keep us there far longer than we think they will. Hours pass as we get distracted. Our lives only hold so many hours. What would you rather spend them on?

  • Skynet is inevitable

    While we may not be killed in a war with the machines, we are reliant on technology more and more in our daily lives. If we ever ran into a situation where technology failed for some reason like a massive EMP blast, we would have enormous issues managing our existence. While improving technology is great, we need to keep some control in our hands.

  • We've run into similar issues before

    This is the same fear-mongering that always happens when a new technology is taking hold. There is always an argument against it that goes something like "We were better off before", but, of course, we were not, and very few folks would throw away their smartphones.

    Humans will adapt just like we always have, You could trace this idea back to the moment people decided to stop living in farms and start living in cities, about a 100 years ago. "We were better before!" Sure. You try and work like a dog every single day until you're old enough to die...Without running water, proper nutrition, proper medicine, proper education, etc, etc. "It was a simple life" Sure. It was also a short, brutal life.

    We keep moving on, that's just how it goes.

  • No, they are still just a machine.

    While I do think some people may be actually addicted to technology and are unable to function if they don't have their cell phone with them constantly, I do not believe we are giving cell phones too much control. Most people still have some sort of paper records and crucial life information outside of their electronics. We still have to shop in stores to get food and visit the doctor for health care. Until those things, along with many others, are completely obsolete because of cell phones then I don't believe we need to worry.

  • No we are not

    I don't believe that we are giving our smart phones too much control. I mean control of what? If I want to do something on, or with, my smart phone I do it. If I don't want to do it then I don't. It doesn't take control of my mind!

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