Apple value falls below $400bn. Is the company in trouble?

  • They're In Trouble

    Apple is in trouble. People are starting to realize just how crazy their prices are. Apples competitors are making products just as good, if not better, than them. It does not make sense to pay more. I expect Apple's stock and value to keep dropping and they will become irrelevant.

  • Yes, they are.

    Ever since Steve Jobs passed away, Apple has been finding itself in more and more trouble as time has gone on. They are no longer an innovator. They simply pump out a new iPhone and a new iPad every year and hope that people will continue to buy these products.

  • They are doing very well.

    Apple is not in trouble in any way, shape, or form. Just because their stock is not sky high does not mean that they are not still a relevant and good company. They are sitting on a massive pile of cash, and have the means to do more great things.

  • NY Times Investigation Confirms That Apple's Factories in China Are Basically Slave Labor Camps

    Apple is a horrible company that should be banned in America, along with all companies that have outsourced their manufacturing to China or any other third world toilet, e.g., Mexico, India!
    With such cheap labor, 50 cents per hour with no benefits to pay, Apple will continue to make huge profits.
    Steve Jobs was a traitor to America, as are all the executives at Apple, and all companies that have outsourced jobs.
    Americans need to wake up and boycott all companies that have outsourced jobs.

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