• Yes, Apple offers the most reliable investment

    When it comes to investing, it is advisable to choose a company that has a wide portfolio and a good investment history. Apple, as compared to Exxon, has a diversified portfolio and serves more people world wide. Apart from this, it has a tested management structure and has one of the largest share in the mobile OS market.

  • Yes Apple is the more reliable investment.

    Both companies are good investments but Apple has more cash on hand, is selling at a lower earnings multiple and is in technology, consumer driven business segment. Apple can growth the value of the company based on the products that they develop and bring to market. Exxon in dependant on the price of oil and the state of the economy.

  • Apple is the most reliable investment

    With the new I-phone set to come out Apple's stocks are guaranteed to rise. It already has one of the best customer base who are willing to pay a higher price when it hits the shelves. Exxon is much riskier as gas prices fluctuate so much and the competition is fierce when it comes to gasoline.

  • Apple is the most reliable investment.

    Apple continues to grow and is constantly in the news, creating new products, and innovating with the products that they already have. I barely hear about Exxon anymore. Based on my product knowledge and the company for which I see the most publicity, I would have to choose Apple as the most reliable investment.

  • I'd go with Exxon..

    People overlook the fact the oil and natural gas industry contributes over $1.2 trillion to our economy and employs nearly 10 million Americans. Employment is up 40% in the industry since 2007. Of course Obama and his political cronies would throw all this away and hypocritical use the $87 million a day in revenue to fund "green" boondoggles under the guise of Obama's ludicrous claim of 5 million "green" jobs that never were and never will be. The U.S., through innovation and new technology is well on the way to becoming the world's largest producer of oil and gas. The company has a good position on the Marcellus shale of Pennsylvania with perhaps 300 trillion cubic feet of gas and natural gas is expected to the fastest growing into 2040. It has huge energy projects all over the world and without energy all those personal electronic devices are useless. Apple is riding high, but making a lot of money on fad electronic devices for consumers has a way of dwindling away over time.

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