• Yes, Apple is bigger as a company then Steve Jobs.

    Steve Jobs was one of the core creators of the Apple brand and company. However, over time Apple had become much larger as a company then Steve Jobs as a person. This is why Steve Jobs had stepped down at one point as CEO of Apple. Rest in peace Steve Jobs.

  • Althouhg Steve Jobs is dead, much of the creations of Apple are still from his legacy.

    It's time that Apple allowed Steve Jobs, it's creator to rest in peace and perhaps began innovations which he may not have agreed with in his lifetime. This includes the way Apple works overseas, their workforce and the fact that Apple should begin to bring the company and not just it's technological creations home to the United States. Many of the jobs, even the lower level jobs are needed in the USA. The work force may be lower paid in other countries, contributing to the affordable pricing of Apple technology but the difference in price should not be a determining factor when viewed from the vantage point of providing hundreds, if not thousands of jobs for Americans.

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